Hi I'm Maggot
xx, bfa, wgtn, nz

dead birds

i have an idea for some art these come around about once every six months 

this note book is worth 80% of my grade

my grade a one off mark for 3 months work 

like three years ago i just straight up threw up my bfs stomach while giving him head and i didn't know what to say so i said 'i had a lot for dinner'

true story and the diamond in my sexual escapade crown

this week in photobooth selfies

awwww yeeeah check out dem scabby toes i pick off the scabs every second day because i have dermatillomania ha ha 

buzzfeed is a piece of shit

seap0nyy replied to your post:yaaaaaa so also i bought tickets to china this…

omg where in China are you going? My brother spent two weeks there earlier in the year, tell me all about it please!

we just booked tickets today and have done zero planning!! but we are flying into Guangzhou and out of Beijing :)

also drawing polaroids i took in chch and then redrawing them onto some old forgotten plaster that turned to a solid block because i suck and didn’t store it properly.

trialling some subtitles on the christchurch ‘film stills’. The subtitles are quotes from interviews with my friends about the earthquake and the aftermath.

and by bought i mean i borrowed 1400$ off my best friend

yaaaaaa so also i bought tickets to china this morning!! see you in 9 weeks china!!

mirror plinths aka existential selfie party